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I need a little help. I have a lot of bills that are past due

queeno5005 started this conversation

I want to know if there is any one or any organization out there that can help me with this situation.

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Pleasehelp.... I am a Catholic teacher in the North east part of Ohio and I preaty much work for free because of it being a Catholic school. I need any kind of advice on how I can pay back 50,000 in schools loans. Unfortunetly our government is more worried about sending billions of dollars over seas instead of helping their own in need. Please help on any advice.

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I wish someone could help me. I need $600 to prevent my car from being repossessed. I work full-time, but have not been able to commute due to lack of transportation. I just bought this car a month ago and already had to have major repairs done to it. Did not expect this to happen since it's a 2003 model. Any help would be appreciated and I will return the favor in kind once I'm back on my feet.

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I wish that there was something I could offer you. Sadly my family and I are also on hard times. You will be in my prayers. May God Bless you and yours.

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